The AI market is massive and growing rapidly. We’re talking “$22 trillion by 2035” rapidly.

That’s the equivalent of $6 billion a day coming down the pike.

That makes AI, automation, and robotics the perfect place to invest right now.

And, with several exciting startups making new breakthroughs, it’s also the perfect time to be an investor in this space.

That’s why we’re so excited to bring you the opportunity to join Buck Jordan’s New Wave Syndicate.

Members of “the syndicate” will regularly see high-upside deals in one of five key areas: health care, defense, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, and food.

The reasoning is simple: these are the sectors that will be most impacted by the wave of innovation coming out of the AI space.

However, let’s be clear: the artificial intelligence boom is going to spread far beyond those areas.

And part of what sets startups apart from the pack, in Buck’s eyes, is an ability to solve problems spanning multiple industries. That’s because these startups have a diverse range of roads to profitability.

If they’re successful on one of those roads, investors are going to see quality returns.

If they succeed on more than one, investors are going to realize life-changing gains.

Another reason those are the areas of focus for the New Wave Syndicate is pretty straightforward: they’re already really big industries.

Take manufacturing, for example.

Despite a substantial drop in domestic efforts and greater reliance on imports from places like China, the U.S. manufacturing industry is still a $6 trillion market.

Well, with the help of artificial intelligence, we will see American manufacturing regain some of that lost ground – and potentially overhaul the global industry altogether.

As the costs of production decreases and ease of production increases, those savings are passed down to the American consumers.

Shipping times decrease exponentially.

The quality of manufactured goods becomes a far more consistent variable.

Also, with the growth of domestic manufacturing, the economy on the whole grows alongside, and loads of new jobs are created.

Not only that, as the technologies we deploy across the business world continue to evolve – many on account of artificial intelligence – the purview of manufacturing expands greatly.

We’re not talking about Ford plants in Michigan or other things that have been built on assembly lines for decades…

These are undertakings that will go a long way toward paving our future.

And these are exactly the type of startups you will learn about as a member of the New Wave Syndicate.

Buck Jordan will bring his investment expertise – 40% of his portfolio companies resulted in exits – to you, giving you the chance to be one of the people who reap the rewards of the forthcoming AI boom.

As a member of the “syndicate,” the opportunity for life-changing wealth rests at your fingertips.

Don’t miss this technological revolution – enlist here.

The Research Team