In the world of angel investing, a forward-looking agenda is imperative.

When Blockbuster went public in 1999 and reached a market cap of nearly $5 billion, the video-rental giant surely felt high and mighty.

One year later, its CEO reportedly “struggled not to laugh” when approached by a fledgling startup looking to be acquired for $50 million.

Of course, we know how the rest of the story goes. Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy in 2010; that same year, Netflix had a market cap of $9.2 billion.

Blinded by its success, a former staple ceased to exist. If it had been more forward-looking, it could have adapted and continued to thrive.

Of course, Netflix reached its lofty heights due to its adaptation. The company began as a delivery service for movie and TV show DVDs, however it achieved unseen success by redefining the way people consume content.

Machine learning and complicated algorithms brought extensive libraries of watchable content to our fingertips and screens. Suddenly, the trips to video rental stores of yesteryear appeared to be nothing more than relics collecting dust on the shelves of our mind’s eye.

Well, the same technology that transformed Netflix from an auxiliary player to a primary one is now seeping into every industry. Forward-looking angel investors are well aware of this fact – and of its potential to bring life-changing returns.

One of those investors is none other than Buck Jordan, the CEO and founder of Wavemaker Labs. The team at Wavemaker made it their mission to develop and foster ideas using this transformational technology – automation and artificial intelligence – to usher in these transformations.

In the above video, you’ll hear Buck discuss the inroads Wavemaker has made in the restaurant industry. In a similar way to Netflix replacing its delivery model with streaming, Wavemaker Labs’ venture Miso Robotics helped optimize quick-serve restaurant labor.

Already seeing its fry-cooking, burger-flipping automated robotic arm Flippy adopted by such prominent fast-food chains as Jack in the Box, White Castle, Chipotle, and more, Miso is in the process of rewriting the operating manual for restaurants.

But that’s just one industry. And the team at Wavemaker Labs are far from the only one out there looking to ride this revolutionary technology to industry summits.

Of course, the next best thing to creating a game-changing idea is investing early in one.

Buck Jordan knows that the breadth of AI’s impact is going to span far beyond what the companies under his oversight can muster. That’s why he has been just as active investing in AI startups as he has been in incubating them.

And you’re invited to take a seat at his New Wave Syndicate table.

As a member of Buck Jordan’s New Wave Syndicate, you will be on the exclusive list of angel investors with access to this automation expert’s hand-picked deal flow.

We’re talking about the best that the automation and AI industries have to offer delivered right to your inbox on a monthly basis, looking for your investment.

And these technologies are known for some quick growth. Heck, Miso Robotics was worth $80 million in 2020; it’s worth $500 million today.

The time is now to throw your hat in the ring.

Don’t get caught on the outside looking in like Blockbuster.

Learn all about the New Wave Syndicate here.

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