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Unfortunately, we won’t be on air this afternoon on Money Morning Live due to some scheduling conflicts (I promise we’re working to make sure this happens less in the future!).

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This week, you’ll need your reading glasses because Unicorn Hunting is going editorial.

You want to be the most successful angel investor possible.

Well, one of the best ways to do this is to understand the crowdfunding landscape. And you do that by looking at the broader picture.

That’s why we bring you the Fastest Funders every week. You can see exactly which types of investment opportunities garner the most attention (and investment). That way, you can make sure that you’re ready to strike when the next one starts raising!

Which three startups raised the most money on equity crowdfunding portals last week?

Top 3 Fastest Funders

At the top of the list is a familiar name for those who have tuned into the show of late – Synthesis.

This online platform challenges kids to learn by using collaborative games and complex mental models. Where the kids might feel like they’re playing another video game, the developers have made sure everything they’re doing is functional and helping to nurture critical thinking.

Synthesis raised another $253,333 last week, putting its total at an impressive $3,268,019. But, I hope you invested when we told you about it a couple weeks ago, because the raise closed this weekend.

At No. 2 last week was none other than Koning.

For longtime Unicorn Hunting viewers, this name should ring a bell. We featured it on the show in November 2021!

It’s no surprise to see it back on the Fastest Funder list. This startup is set to introduce truly revolutionary technology to the mammogram industry. Where current techniques are both uncomfortable and unreliable, Koning’s imaging technology is able to detect tumors as small as three millimeters in size – and it’s completely painless.

(As a reminder of the legwork we do to give you the best opportunities possible, if you had invested back in November, you’d be getting in at a roughly $30-million valuation discount.)

Rounding out the top three for last week is a newcomer to the list (and the show), Bula Technologies.

This “social challenge” platform allows users to “dare” or “challenge” their friends and compete for prizes (and pride). Before this startup, there was no way to leverage, aggregate, or monetize these types of videos.

For what it’s worth, the most viewed hashtag on TikTok and Instagram is “#Challenge.”

With an interesting skew to social technology – and a team boasting impressive pro sports experience – this one’s pretty cool.

Stay tuned for another email tomorrow afternoon, where my Unicorn Hunting co-host, Chris Lustrino, offers insight into a startup providing a readymade solution to a $43 trillion market.

You read that right – trillion.

We might be off air, but we are definitely not leaving you hanging (trust me, this is must-read stuff).

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