Neil here. Last week, I introduced you to legendary quarterback and angel investor Joe Montana. You might remember him as the special guest at the 2020 American Cannabis Summit that took place earlier this week.

It was an incredible event, and Joe Montana absolutely killed it. (No surprises there.)

What did surprise me was learning that Joe has a sizable stake in a company called Caliva.

Living in California, I’ve known about Caliva for a long time now.

I’m not a cannabis user myself, but there’s no denying that the overall industry is absolutely on fire these days… Especially in California, where recreational use has been legal for more than three years now.

Not only is it a booming industry for consumers; it’s also a hotbed of activity in the startup world. VCs and angel investors alike are piling in on the “green rush,” and billions of dollars in capital are going to companies with popular and innovative cannabis products.

Caliva is a perfect example of a cannabis company that’s done extremely well so far – and Joe Montana was one of its earliest investors.

Just to give you an idea of how good this company is… Caliva has California’s number one bestselling cannabis strain and its bestselling brand. Caliva products are sold in more than 250 dispensaries in Cali alone… and Jay-Z just joined their team as their Chief Brand Strategist.

This is just one of more than 150 deals Joe Montana has been involved in – whether with his personal capital or with the fund he co-runs. He’s most passionate about the cannabis space now, but he also got in on deals like GitLab, Dropbox, and Pinterest. To put it simply… he is an absolute beast.

Joe and the folks at the National Institute for Cannabis Investors have collectively been in hundreds of cannabis deals, amounting to tens of millions of dollars. But as an angel investor, the thing that’ll probably interest you most is that the Institute has an entire wing devoted to private cannabis companies. (In other words – startups.)

Just like we do at the Angels & Entrepreneurs Network, the Institute provides its members with all the tools they could need to make their own investing decisions. It’s actually a very similar premise; the biggest difference is that all of the deal opportunities relate to the cannabis industry. Considering this sector’s diversity and unpredictability, having the network effect at your disposal can be a huge portfolio-booster.

Just click here to check out Joe Montana’s segment at the 2020 American Cannabis Summit. You’ll learn so much more about his track record, his investment fund, and the National Institute for Cannabis Investors.

I’ll be back soon with more updates.

Until next time,

Neil Patel