Dear Startup Investor,

Hedge fund investors are notoriously risk averse.

In fact, it’s practically in their name, as they look to offset the danger of one investment with another and hedge risk.

However, the recent volatility caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, 40-year-high inflation rates, the Fed’s recent (and forthcoming) interest rate increases, and continued supply-chain disruptions have created an atmosphere that leaves hedge fund investors looking for safe places to invest.

With some calling this a “nowhere to hide market,” those places of safety are becoming increasingly rare on public markets.

As a result, more and more hedge funds have sold both short- and long-term stocks. In fact, it marks one of the single biggest sell offs by hedge funds in years.

With uncertainty at all-time highs on public markets, most investors are left in the lurch. Not all, though. There are opportunities that still present major upside and aren’t as subject to the doubt looming over stocks…

There is little doubt that angel investing is risky – after all, the overwhelming majority of startups fail. In fact, many people operate under the assumption that startup investing is no different than buying a lottery ticket.

However, while the returns on angel investing can rival the returns on your local Powerball, savvy investors have much greater chances of success than someone walking out of their local convenient store wishing on a hope and a prayer.

When provided with quality deal flow and the proper level of discernment, startup investing provides ample upside and also grants a safe harbor for those looking to diversify their investment portfolio away from the volatility running rampant in stocks.

That’s where we here at Angels & Entrepreneurs come in. Our research team provides an objective approach to startup investing with the best quality deal flow being funneled directly to your inbox.

While you should always do your own due diligence before deciding to invest in a company, you can rest assured that the deals we find and share with you are fully vetted and rigorously appraised.

There is a long list of tells that should raise red flags for you as an angel investor (in fact, we recently compiled a list of ten that our experts keep their eyes out for when evaluating startups).

There is also a long list of green lights that indicate whether something is a great deal or even better.

These are the types of things that separate successful angel investors from those simply looking for the next lottery ticket. Experts know where to look, what to look for, and what to watch out for to find upside.

Speaking of, Daymond John recently sat down with an exciting startup that’s looking to revolutionize the fintech market and provide Americans with a foolproof way to save money. It goes without saying that he is an expert in startup investing, so if he is interested in a company, chances are you should be too.

You can find out all about this startup – and see whether or not Daymond decided it was worthy of his money – here.

The Research Team