Just a few weeks ago, a Denver-based startup filled a stunning $23 million Series A raise.

Now, when it comes to traditional tech startups, Denver isn’t quite as “hot” as Silicon Valley. But this was no traditional tech startup.

I’m talking about Flowhub, a cannabis tech startup that provides much-needed infrastructure to make cannabis retail easy – and legally compliant.

As the first U.S. state to legalize recreational cannabis, Colorado is “ground zero” for this industry. That’s why so many of the biggest names in cannabis headquarter there.

VC enthusiasm for purveyors of the plant itself has waned in recent months, probably because most of the startups that are poised to succeed at growing marijuana already exist.

But that doesn’t mean the “green rush” is over. Far from it.

Right now, regulated cannabis is a $16 billion industry in the United States. But within the next few years, it’s expected to be worth $340 billion. That’s more than a 2,000% increase – which means the vast majority of opportunities for growth and profit are still yet to come.

Flowhub’s Series A is a perfect example of this. It’s tackling one of the biggest problems faced by the cannabis industry: the need for a legally compliant retail platform to automate the supply chain, retail and reporting processes.

That’s why, in the two short years since its seed round, this startup was able to lock in such a huge Series A investment. It’s a hot startup operating in an even hotter space.

As you can imagine, a $23 million financing round is largely led by deep-pocketed venture capitalists. The everyday investor can’t typically participate.

Still, the opportunities to get in on the ground floor of this economic revolution are virtually endless.

Here’s why: this industry is still relatively new. Up-and-comers are founded, funded, and fully public in just a few short years – many of them with relatively little press coverage.

That means if you don’t know where to look… you could be missing out on 500% or even 1,000% gains. Some of these cannabis companies have grown by as much as 50,000% post-IPO.

The key to riding that wave? Knowing which cannabis startups are poised to hit new highs – and which are just blowing smoke.

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Neil Patel