David here.

I recently heard a pitch from a company that was so compelling, I decided to invest right then and there.

And I’m not just talking about chump change here… I’m talking about a six-figure sum.

Now, I only reserve those kinds of investments for the companies I’m confident will explode very soon.

This is a company with a mission I can get behind: they essentially pay people to get out of debt faster.

That’s an incredible goal, but it’s not just their mission and profit potential that has me excited about them.

This company also hits every single point of my own angel investing thesis. In other words, this is the exact type of company I seek out on a day-to-day basis.

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Here are the three biggest reasons I love this company, and exactly how you can take advantage of this opportunity, too.

1. They’re part of a booming fintech industry

There’s a reason why I’m so bullish on fintech right now.

It’s a game-changing industry of specialized companies that are providing all-around better services than traditional financial institutions.

Not only that, it’s an industry primed for massive growth.

In 2018 alone, $128 billion was invested into fintech. By 2022, that number is projected to hit $310 billion… a whopping 140% increase.

Based on those numbers, it’s clear to see that fintech is one of the fastest-growing industries.

And brick-and-mortar financial institutions just can’t compete with that type of exponential growth.

That’s exactly why 90% of those companies believe that their businesses will be at least partially lost to fintech companies in just the next five years.

Now, this company isn’t the first fintech company out there making major waves.

Over the past decade, we’ve seen companies like Square, Venmo, and even Robinhood emerge as some of the biggest companies in the world.

But what makes THIS company special is that they’re disrupting fintech in ways no else has before.

Which brings me to my next point…

2. They’re doing something no one else has

Startup investing is all about seeking out the unique, and that’s a rule I live by.

I will not invest in a company unless I can clearly see that they’re making an outstanding impact on their industry.

And that’s exactly what this company is doing.

Currently, there are around 1,100 lenders out there… but only the 10 to 15 biggest ones dominate the online lending market.

Many smaller lenders offer their customers better loan terms, but they don’t have the advertising budgets to compete with the big guys.

That means borrowers are stuck paying ridiculously high interest rates, and smaller lenders have trouble finding business.

Ultimately, this system means that more people end up in debt for longer periods of time.

But all that’s about to change.

Because the company I invested in is democratizing lending and bringing financial power back to Main Street banks. They connect smaller lenders with borrowers across the country, and they even pay people for making on-time payments.

That’s why I had to get in on this company now, before other big-name investors caught on. Because to my knowledge, these guys are doing something that no one else is… and that’s a clear sign of major potential growth.

3. They have an insane growth trajectory

It’s hard for a lot of young companies to get off the ground.

Gaining market traction is difficult, especially in large and competitive industries like fintech.

But that’s why it’s so important to look for the tiny companies that have shown major growth so far.

And this company hits the nail on the head.

They just got started in March 2020, and their loan volume has already increased by 340%. They’re expecting to expand their business to all 50 states in just a few months

That growth is exponential, and if you want to share in their projected success, I encourage you to learn all you can right away. This deal recommendation comes straight from the independent research team.

I’m sharing all of the details on this opportunity in a dealroom analysis meeting.

They’re accepting investments right now, but the door on this opportunity will close very soon.

Just click here to enter the meeting and learn more.

Very best,

David Weisburd