Dear Startup Investor,

When Microsoft acquired Activision for a whopping $68.7 billion last week, it marked the largest tech acquisition in history.

For Activision founder Howard Marks, it marked (no pun intended) the realization of 30 years of hard work to build the company he bought for less than half a million dollars into a dragon – a startup valued at $12 billion or more – of epic proportions.

However, this is far from Marks’ only business endeavor; as you know, great entrepreneurs are rarely one-hit wonders.

Now that Activision has been passed on to Microsoft, Marks’ focus is directly in our wheelhouse: equity crowdfunding.

Marks is the founder of StartEngine, one of the internet’s largest equity crowdfunding platforms (and a deal we recommended ourselves). Following the announcement of Activision’s record-breaking acquisition, he penned a letter to users of the platform talking about the enthusiasm he feels for the StartEngine mission and the future of equity crowdfunding.

“I am reminded by the Activision journey that to be able to achieve greatness it takes resilience and belief in a marketplace,” Marks said. “I believe that equity crowdfunding and alternative investments for the main street investor is the future.”

When a founder as successful as Marks makes a statement like this, savvy investors should take note.

But a founder like Marks isn’t necessarily focused on small investors’ bottom lines, so, it isn’t enough to simply say, “Howard Marks says equity crowdfunding is the future, therefore, I’m going to blindly throw all of my eggs in that basket.”

That’s where Angels & Entrepreneurs comes in.

We show angel investors how to navigate reg CF raises, teach them what to look for in prospective investment opportunities, and funnel handpicked (and fully vetted by our Research and Legal teams) crowdfunding raises to provide subscribers with the best deal flow around.

As I said a minute ago, StartEngine itself was a deal we’ve recommended in the past.

Don’t feel like you’ve missed out though. See, Marks was actually writing to StartEngine users to inform them the company will be launching a new crowdfunding campaign sometime in 2022.

“My entire team is dedicated to our mission and values,” Marks said, “and we will continue to build a company that hopefully one day will tell the story of equity crowdfunding, the same as Activision has told the story of video games.”

While Marks and his team are dedicated to maximizing the value of StartEngine, we here at Angels & Entrepreneurs are dedicated to maximizing the value of your angel-investment portfolio.

Thankfully we’re all on the same team here: maximizing the impact of equity crowdfunding. With record-setting acquisitions on the ledger, it seems like a pretty good team to be on.

At the end of the day, equity crowdfunding is changing markets and putting power into regular people’s hands, and that’s our primary mission at A&E.

Very few regular investors know the moneymaking power of equity crowdfunding – more profit potential for us. To absolutely maximize that potential, though, we have to look at small companies that have already listed, but that aren’t necessarily on the “Big Board” yet. This class of stocks has returned peak 12-month gains of 22,000%, and they’re barely a blip on the mainstream radar. You can get more on those right here.

The Research Team