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Four times a week, my colleagues and I come to your inboxes with our own perspectives on the latest headlines out of startup-land.

But sometimes, I like to talk about topics that are a little different. You see, my network expands far beyond the world of angel investing, and I always want to connect you with the people who can help you take advantage of the biggest moneymaking trends out there.

That’s why today, I want to introduce you to my new colleague Mark Sebastian.

Even though Mark’s not an angel investor, we share a very similar belief…

That financial power should belong to everyday individuals… not just the institutional investors and bigwig Wall Streeters that have controlled the markets since trading first began.

Mark has been working toward this mission for years. You see, he used to be a floor trader on the Chicago Board Options Exchange, where he spent long hours trading money for folks who, to put it plainly, had no idea what they were doing.

Even though Mark wasn’t trading his own cash, he knew much more about investing than the people whose capital was actually on the line. But when Mark approached his boss about starting a new program – one that would actually educate their clients on the best techniques and show them how to capture real returns – he was fired immediately.

Wall Street is a tricky place. For decades, they’ve held all the power and made beaucoup bucks from telling people where to put their money. Mark quickly found out that he wasn’t allowed to share those insider secrets with everyday folks like you.

So, he left with a brand-new mission – to show people how to put Wall Street’s power where it belongs… in the hands of individual investors. It all has to do with asymmetrical returns… in other words, the potential for three-to-four-digit gains on cheap, low-risk trades.

And these days, there’s never been a better opportunity to learn all about it. Individual traders are moving the markets in ways no one has ever seen before. It’s a paradigm shift like no other, and it’s creating a brand-new financial landscape that everyone can play… no matter how much money is in your account or how much experience you have in the trading biz.

That’s why two decades after he left the CBOE, he’s ready to tell all and show you how it’s done… and he asked me to spread the word.

On Tuesday, April 27, Mark is launching The Profit Takeover with a live webinar that will kick off at 4 p.m. ET sharp (right after the closing bell). During the event, he’ll reveal a recommendation on a stock that could kick back 500%, 700%, or even 1000% by the end of the year.

This is one you won’t want to miss… and not to mention, it’s completely free. Just click here to reserve your seat for Tuesday’s event.

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