Researchers from Princeton University did a study on how poverty affects our ability to make decisions.

Now, I grew up poor. But what they discovered surprised even me.

They found that financial stress can lower your IQ score by as much as 40%.

And they also discovered the opposite.

When we feel financially successful, our IQ goes up 25%.

Here’s a quote from the study’s co-author, who is a Harvard economist.

“When we think about people who are financially stressed, we think they are short on money, but the truth is they are also short on cognitive capacity .”

So I say this with zero judgement:

Money stress literally makes you dumb.

It’s not that rich people are smarter than poor people. It’s that having money – and feeling financially secure – allows you to operate at your full potential.

And the reality is, you don’t have to be living in poverty to be stressed about money. Every single one of us, whether we’re rich or poor, has felt it.

Even millionaires – people who make hundreds of thousands per month – can feel stressed about money.

In fact, sometimes the only reason these people make so much money is that they are deeply, inescapably stressed about money.

The difference between them and someone working minimum wage is that they’ve figured out a way to get paid.

But that doesn’t mean they feel safe or successful.

If you make a million dollars and spend two million, you’re still broke. The numbers are just bigger. Because instead of a couple thousand in credit card debt – like I had in my early 20s – we’re talking about $1 million.

Sure, you’ll still (probably) have a roof over your head, and food to eat. But if you’re getting stomach ulcers from the stress, good luck enjoying any of it. And say goodbye to your IQ.

Personally, my goal is to make an obscene amount of money. But I’m not willing to ruin my life in the process.

That’s why I only work four hours a day and run my own businesses instead of answering to other people.

Because this way I can have my fun (like visiting Puerto Rico twice in one month) and do the things I want (like spending time with my kids and playing video games) – while still making millions of dollars a year.

Absurd success is possible. I know because I’m experiencing it right now.

And I’m sure that you can experience the same thing.

No matter how much money you have now, and no matter how much you want, the first step is simple.

Face your fears about money. Then conquer them.

Because fear is by far the biggest obstacle to success. And when it’s no longer in your way, you’ll be amazed at what you can do.

That’s why I’ve dedicated an entire week in Success OS to overcoming your fears about money and success.

Take a look.

(Or if you want to watch the entire interview where I explain exactly how it works, along with case studies from people who’ve gone through this process, click here.)

To your success,


P.S. As one of my earliest mentors told me…

“The hardest part about being an entrepreneur is dealing with fear. If you can get past the fear, it’s the easiest job in the world.”

I created Success OS to help you get past the fear. Get the details here.