Currently, Angels + Entrepreneurs Network offers three membership levels:

Founder: The Founding level membership provides a minimum of two startup recommendations per month. These deals will always be open to both accredited and non-accredited investors. This membership is offered in one- or two-year increments.

Elite Founder: This is a lifetime of the Founder level. In addition to the 2+ recommendations every month, Elite members receive a quarterly Real Estate Investment opportunity, as well as a monthly BDC (Business Development Company) report.

VIP Founder: This is the highest level of membership we currently offer. VIP Founders receive at least two recommendations per month as well, however, these will generally be Regulation A or D, and may have slightly higher investment minimums, or be exclusive to accredited investors.

Angels + Entrepreneurs Inner Circle: This is a package membership which gives you access to all of the subscriptions we offer – and you are automatically added to any subscriptions which are released in the future! For more information about the Inner Circle, feel free to call our VIP Product Specialists at 1-866-405-7674.
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