David Weisburd is a serial entrepreneur and the co-head of venture capital at 10X Capital. David has been active in the entrepreneurial scene since his sophomore year of high school, when he founded TicketCelebration.com with his cousin, Ben. He is also the founder of both isocket and Roomhunt.com.

David has seen extraordinary success as an entrepreneur. TicketCelebration.com became a multi-million-dollar inventory supplier to StubHub, while isocket was acquired for an eight-figure sum before David departed for business school at Dartmouth. RoomHunt.com was acquired by RentLingo after expanding to over 70 geographic markets.

But David isn’t just an entrepreneur… He’s also a successful venture capitalist who has made life-changing returns from investments in companies like 23andMe, DraftKings, Headspace, Palantir, and Wish, just to name a few. David is passionate about breaking down the barriers that used to hold everyday investors back from the best deals… And he’s ready to teach you everything he knows.

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